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AK Global Construction & Development Inc.

With our widespread reputation for quality and safety, AK Global Construction & Development has successfully completed a wide variety of government projects in the Ottawa area.

McNally | Gervan LLP Office Renovations – Phase I and Phase II

For this Construction Management contract, we are responsible to convert an old run down heritage home in Ottawa into a modern office building to become the new home of McNally | Gervan LLP Inc. The work included selective interior non load bearing demolition, construction and installations of new partitions, new flooring, new windows, new staircase and upgrades to the mechanical and electrical systems.

“Tony and his team of designers and trades took care of all aspects of the design, planning and construction from start to finish.
They were always hands-on and professional. We were very impressed with the detailed planning and speed of the construction.
We achieved something that we didn’t think was possible with our budget.”
Matt Gervan, Principal – McNally | Gervan LLP Lawyers

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Parliament Hill Centre Block Committee Room 172-E refurbishment

This fixed cost contract included millwork, replacing carpet, modifying lighting, replacing acoustic panels and
modifying electrical, HVAC and fire protection.

“I was impressed with the AK Global Contruction Team. They were prompt and professional, and I was always informed of the project's progress. As a result, everything went smoothly."
Daniel Tessier - Civitas Architecture Inc.



Victoria Building third and fifth floor office refurbishment

A fixed cost contract, this work included selective demolition, new finishes including partitions, carpet, millwork, solid oak frames, baseboards and doors. We also upgraded the mechanical and electrical to accommodate the new layout.

“I have worked with AK Global Construction & Development in office retrofit project great success. The quality of the work was very good and the project was completed on time. "
Bryan Wiens, Principal - Callaghan Letellier Wiens Gibbons Facility Planning & Design Inc



Renfrew Public Archive storage building fire stopping implementation

For this fixed cost contract, we upgraded the fire separation of the building by applying fire stopping materials, providing fire-rated drywall assemblies, and installing masonry and additional fire dampers.

“The two years that we worked together in a number of projects have been very satisfying for us. We hope to be able to work together again in the future. Quality, Integrity and great teamwork are words that I would use to define AK Global Construction & Development. "
Ross Boyle – Principal  Stantec Architecture.


RCMP Technical and Protective Operations Facility (TPOF) lighting & security, Ottawa, Ontario

We upgraded TPOF lighting and security system cameras in parking areas. To maintain facility operation and minimize traffic disturbance in the parking lot, all underground lines and conduits were completed using directional boring methods.


RCMP Building, Soundproofing Equipment room 200, Ottawa, Ontario

We demolished the existing area and upgraded ceiling, walls, frames and doors to achieve a higher acoustical level.